Almond Milk Tea 

Tea is usually the right sweet pick-me-up on a very cold day. But going to a coffee shop or a tea shop is sometimes out of reach or gets too expensive. In the Café, Tea can often be made right on your stove, and you’ll find yourself with something quite delicious that's lower in sugar than a standard Tea latte. You can buy Gossip Tea brand for this Almond Milk Tea, you can slowly add vanilla to taste so you don’t end up with something too sweet.

Preparation -

Step 1 - Warm the almond milk in a sauce pan.

Step 2 - Remove from heat. Then add the Gossip tea leaves, cover, and steep for 5-7 minutes.

Step 3 - Filter the tea remains out and add few drops of vanilla essence, to the pan.

Step 4 - Pour into a cup and enjoy the Aromatic Almond Tea. Alternatively, let it come to room temperature and add some ice cubes for a chilled treat.

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