4 Surprising Facts of Types of Tea Connoisseur


Starting your day with the right cup of tea can do wonders to your mood and add a beautiful splash to your daily routine. Tea is a companion whose company you would want to enjoy throughout the day and experience its delight in every season of the year. Known to be an addiction for many, tea drinkers very well understand the joy that comes along with the right cup of tea.

However, everyone has their way to enjoy their favourite tea and make a cup that is close to their heart. There are several types of tea drinkers out there that are in awe of their special tea. Some like it minty while some like it strong. There is a whole bunch of people out there that love to start their morning with a cup of tea that is stronger than the sun while the other bunch would like it to be mild like the morning breeze. The arena is vast but would you like to know what category do you fall into? So, let’s go and know a little more about the different types of tea drinkers and what they love the most about their tea.

The Drinker Seeking Tea Health Benefits

A lot of tea enthusiasts are health conscious for all the right reasons and they like to know that every sip of their tea is adding to their good health and benefiting their body. For tea lovers like these, we at Gossip Tea serve the Ayurvedic Bliss. Ayurvedic tea is one of the healthiest options that any health-conscious tea lover would prefer as it is a mix of the best herbs and ingredients. The health benefits of tea that come along with the Ayurvedic are surprising and the taste as rejuvenating as one would expect it to be. The famous digestive spices cumin, coriander, and fennel blend together to make a naturally flavoured tea that cleanses your body. Zero caffein and natural glow comes along with this type of tea.


The Drinker That Wants A Strong Tea

Are you a fan of this strongly brewed tea? Known for an instant solution to laziness and mind blocks, a Strong Masala Tea will rejuvenate your mood within seconds. Brew the tea leaves of masala tea for extra 5-10 minutes and you will have yourself a beverage that will awaken all your senses and make you feel soaring high with spirits. The rusty taste and the deep brown colour of this tea will lit your day up with happiness and how! Gossip Tea’s Masala Blend is exactly what you are looking if you are this type of tea drinker. Addition of cardamom, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cloves and dried ginger to your tea base will let you swirl with every sip of this spiced-up tea.

The Drinker That Wants a Tangy Tea Taste

The rich and delicious of all, Ginger tea has a whole separate fan base of tea lovers. These types of tea drinkers know how to engage in a taste that is purely fulfilling while grabbing onto its health benefits as well. Known to be a headache reliever, ginger tea comes along with several other benefits and is served best with an addition of few lemon drops. Ginger tea comes with the right zing and refreshes the tiredness within seconds on reaching the throat. A piping hot cup of ginger will keep your immunity high and your spirits as well. Take a look at Gossip Tea’s Ginger Infusion and wander in its enriching aroma.

The Drinker That Wants A Spicy Tea

A well-known spice from the Middle East, cardamom has created a whole new type of tea drinkers and have mesmerized them with its spicy and citrusy tea flavours. This robust brew is a common beverage in most houses today as people like to start their day with a flavour that is close to their heart. Spice up your routine with Gossip Tea’s Cardamom Stir and dwell into the fragrance of Aromatic cardamom pods crushed and blended with tea leaves to create this flavourful tea. A great companion of the morning munchies, this spicy tea only adds to your health and mood.

These are the few kinds of tea lovers that own every sip of tea like it’s meant to be. We at Gossip Tea, love all these tea lovers. Which one is your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below.

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