Tea which is the world’s second most popular beverage, was discovered in 2732 B.C. Emperor ShenNung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree blew into his pot of boiling water. He was immediately interested in the pleasant scent of the resulting brew, and drank some. Legend says the Emperor described a warm feeling as he drank the intriguing brew, as if the liquid was exploring every part of his body. 

Australia’s contribution to the history of tea also dates back to more than 100 years back with Aboriginal Australians infused leaves from “ti tree”. But with British colonization of Australia came the tea culture in 1788.

The benefits of drinking tea go far beyond refreshment. There is plenty of research showing that drinking tea can actually improve your health. The newest study, published Thursday in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, found that those who regularly drank tea were less likely to develop atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or die prematurely from any cause — particularly stroke — compared to others. Green tea seemed to have a stronger effect than black tea as it has proven to reduce blood pressure.

Tea, especially green tea, is a rich source of flavonoids, bioactive compounds that can lessen oxidative stress, relieve inflammation, and provide other health benefits. Other studies have shown teas can help protect your teeth and your heart, as well as possibly even helping to stave off cancer. 

Tea is a great no-calorie alternative to water providing many options for flavor and versatility. You can have it hot or cold. Adding cinnamon stick or some ginger not only adds flavor but also adds immunity booster elements to hydrate your body.

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