Even while writing this article, a cup of tea invokes a lot of thought provoking ideas and relaxes the mind. The sense of peace, serenity and the calmness of environment around you is a great start to your day.

The cup that cheers does wonders for you – especially in your student days or office environment when you first bond with friends or colleagues over a cup of tea. The Gossiptea is a continuum of our fascination with tea and our belief that tea is a unifier, a cup that cheers and cements friendship and camaraderie. I recall my childhood memories of having tea with my family as a 13-year-old, of teapots and tea cups, of conversations and dialogues which has left an indelible impression on me.

The germination of setting up Gossiptea happened when I last visited one of the beautiful tea garden in North-Bengal, India couple of years ago. I could see how tea connects the different cultures across the world and was very lucky to experience the various moods that a tea can create. I happen to visit the tea factories, tea gardens, labour quarters and the whole processing units of tea production. During that visit, I met various sets of people ranging from tea connoisseurs, writers, enthusiasts who later inspired me to set up our tea project touching all the aspects of social, cultural and political dimensions related to the beverage.

We have a marvelous group of people who love tea, have tea for thought, and share some space together, bonding over tea. And I want to spread and share the same happiness of sipping tea with a group of friends with millions of fellow Australians and feel the magic themselves. It has not been just about sharing a cup – it is much more than that. It is always said that we need no big things to enjoy with our friends, having tea is one of those.

Living in these distress times, you might not have the time to share your regrets, fallacies and pain. Add to it your maddening routine from morning to evening, multi-tasking all the activities around. Tea gives a break in this rushed life. Plus, you can open your heart to the friends, that makes everything so much better. You will always find the people with great vision. Tea gives you an opportunity to be part of your interactive group, to listen to some of their vision, and to share some of yours. For us, it is the best social networking.

Tea is a nice way to get a grasp on the present world. We live in times of transformation and the situation seems complex. So drinking tea together facilitates gossiping and to hang out with tea is always a good idea.

So, if you feel like drinking cup of tea, just visit our website and get your favorite tea.


  • That sounds pretty good! if simple things like drinking tea can change our mood than we should be aware of it! Thank you :)

  • Amazing post, thanks for sharing this article. I am truly motivated by you for blogging.
    Thank You.


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