So You’ve Bought Mood Boosting Masala Tea

Welcoming your day with a steaming hot cup of Masala Tea is a morning ritual for most of the households.  A sip of rightly made masala tea will give you a kick that will last all day long. A blend of various herbs and spices are added to the tea base to make its taste strong and awakening, this kind of tea is known as Masala tea.

Originally inspired from the Indian spices and the strong taste, Masala Tea has now made its place in all over the world. The added herbs and spices to the tea leaves is the reason behind feeling a sense of refreshment after every sip. It intends to reach your mind and sooth your nerves, while giving you a new wave of creativity and thinking liberty.

The classic way of preparing a masala tea would be to steep the tea leaves in hot water and then let the tea leaves boil for some minutes and later add some milk to it. A good amount of ginger and cinnamon will give a strong aroma as well as a strong flavour.

However, a Masala tea that is created hassle free is always a preferred choice. Right? Gossip Tea believes in serving delight, comfort and tenderness in the form of tea leaves, picked delicately to enrich one’s mood at all times. Slurping over Gossip Tea’s Masala Blend establishes a mood to have a better day ahead and boosts immunity. The blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, and loose-leaf tea add to better health each day.

The elaborate culture of drinking Masala tea is too beautiful to enjoy it just by yourself. Welcome your guests with Gossip tea’s Masala Blend and see yourself become their favourite host. The satisfaction in the cup of tea will develop an instant connection and come off as a great sign of hospitality.

Whether you’re on a first date, meeting your friends after a long day or with your office colleagues for a tea break, Masala Chai seems to break the ice and helps people to communicate with each other on a much better level. In fact, tea-time is associated with an idea of stopping every activity to take a moment to sip Chai and have a small chat.

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