Tea – Driving Socialization

Tea – Driving Socialization


While practicing social distancing is vital in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19, it does not have to mean social isolation. Feeling connected socially is important for everyone’s overall health and wellbeing, especially during this time of fear and uncertainty. Humans are innately social creatures. Every person we interact with is forever part of our social network. They are family members, friends, coworkers, teammates, neighbors, and acquaintances.

More and more people are escaping to the virtual world as they realise that life must go on. If everything — from ordering essentials to business meetings to conducting classes — can happen online, why not socialising? 

On every evening, let’s reclaim our share of happiness and do what we did every evening before pandemic impacted our social lives: have tea with friends. Only that each one stays in our respective homes and get connected via the app!

Getting dressed up in a bright red dress, putting on some lipstick, a dash of kohl, Chanel 9Gem of course, so what if it’s virtual, and sitting all excited in front of laptop, eager to meet friends on the screen with favourite cup of Gossip Tea, is all what we need.

The gossiping invokes the sense of adventure and newness, like a hidden love affair, filling the room with aromatic subtle aroma of tea in our respective homes. And we wondered why the heck we didn’t do it before!

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just joining the vast world of teas, you could brew our collections of Gossiptea and then compare notes of subtle flavors and even discover new favorites along the way.

Visit Gossip Tea and start socializing again! – Virtually

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