4 Great Options For Your Everyday Cup Of Tea


All the tea lovers reading this will agree that there is nothing more soothing than holding the right cup of tea and letting its aroma add some magic to your senses. Drinking tea is a heart-warming process and it needs to done right at all times of the day.

Whether you have just rolled out of bed or are in middle of a hectic day, tea can be a good addition to your routine. However, with the vast range of tea products, tea brands and types of tea out there it can get overwhelming to choose the one that suits your mood. This is where Gossip Tea comes to the rescue. We are here to offer you exclusive tea and educate you about the same. Let’s have a look at a range of teas that will fit in your routine.

Ayurvedic Bliss

The traditional Ayurvedic tea comes with immense health benefits. This herbal tea is made with a mix of herbs that are rich in detoxifying the body and help you attain health, wellness and a fresh mind. Maintaining a good balance in your body, this tea is made up of three spices, namely- cumin, coriander and fennel seeds. This tea is a blessing to the digestive system and its earthy flavour is a bliss to sip in.  One cup of this tea will grace your day with an alert and rejuvenating attitude.

Cardamom Stir

The amalgamation of sweet and minty flavour, Cardamom tea is celebrated for its enrichment worldwide.  The aromatic cardamom pods when blended with tea leaves, creates a fusion that has been used as a traditional medicine for years. What more would you need other than a health affirming sip of tea while relaxing with a bunch of friends?  Enjoy a minty fresh breath with the cardamom stir.

Ginger Infusion

Known to be the beloved of all tea lovers, ginger and tea infuse with each other as flawlessly as magic. The strong and warm smell of ginger tea makes up for an irresistible aroma. This tea is normally preferred under stress as the mind refreshing ingredients act as a stress buster and leave you with a calm and composed state of mind. Enjoy a fresh start of the day with this exclusive Ginger Infusion.

Masala Tea

The alchemy of different spices with strong black tea base promotes a feeling of happiness and satisfaction at each time of the day. A hot cup of masala tea will leave you wondering about its graceful flavours of cardamom, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cloves and dried ginger. This mood enhancer will give you the kick required to get things done correctly and quickly. 

The tea culture is popular all around the world and is known to be a healthy drink that is an instant mood booster and refreshment option. This little bundle of happiness from Gossip Tea will take you a long way.


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