This Valentine Bond Over A Cup of Tea

Valentine’s day is upon us and it's time to express love towards your beloved partners. The emotional rush and excitements are soaring high and the lover inside you is busy looking for the perfect valentine's day gift ideas.

You wish to give a day of pampering to your loved one and that is exactly what they deserve. However, if the person you are in love with, is in love with tea, then you must know that there is no greater gift than a perfect tasting cup of steaming tea. This valentine, take some time out to cherish your beautiful moments with the valentine of your dream over tea.

Your valentine’s day gift will make your partner fall in love with you all over again as you surprise them with a collection of tea mixes that are delicious beyond imagination for any tea lover. Your choice of tea is an expression of your taste and we at Gossip Tea would not want that to go wrong. Natural and luxurious, our tea is a great gift and souvenir. Our tea blends mesmerize all and the perfection to detail cannot be missed. We serve tea blends that can suit every mood of your lover and every sip of that brewing cup of tea will remind them of your and your thoughtfulness.

As we survive through the Covid-19 pandemic, it would not be idle to step out for a valentine date. Well, let us bring the perfect date night right at your doorstep. Drool over our naturally picked collection of tea varieties, right from the subtleness of ayurvedic bless and ginger infusion and heat & spice of masala blend and cardamom stir. We will define each mood of you and your better half. Gossip Tea is known for its freshly picked and authentic leaves that purely brew into magic.

The varieties of tea fit into the valentine theme and valentine tea gifts are out there to win hearts.

You can pick a Ginger Infusion if you want to spend fresh and vibrant mornings with your love indoors while you indulge in some puzzles or grooming session.

Nothing better than a cup of Masala Blend to express your strong and brewing love for each other with a strong taste and a soft heart.

If you looking to have a cosy day indoors with your tea lover then cardamom tea for valentine day gift is the perfect fit. The spicy yet subtle taste will keep your day aesthetic and charming.

Are you in love with a tea enthusiast who is also a bit too health conscious? Present to them a cup of ayurvedic tea, Ayurvedic Bliss right in bed and you will see love swim to their eyes like magic.

Pick one or pick all, because we only serve tea that is good for you.

We hope you can rejuvenate your love this valentine with our love filled tea leaves.

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